Donor Families

Eversight's new Hope and Healing Program

The decision to give consent for a loved one's eye donation can be difficult. Donor family members are experiencing a tragic loss, often one of the most painful experiences in their lives. We offer our donor families hope by offering the option of eye donation. Knowing that a loved one's eye donation can truly make a difference - that their loved one can live on in the eyes of others - brings them comfort when little else can.

We consider eye donation to be a special gift from the donor and his or her family. Regardless of whether a person chooses to donate, or whether an eye donation results in a transplant, we respect the wishes of the donor and the family and honor the irreplaceable gifts they give.

Our staff understands the special needs of donor family members, and we are here to help make an informed decision about eye, organ and tissue donation.

As part of our commitment to donor families, we can assist in finding grief recovery resources, and we also offer different ways of commemorating the life of a loved one.