Featured Donor Stories

An Incredible Legacy

Michael Jordan was born with cleidocranial dysostosis and scoliosis. Although he was only 19 when he passed away, he felt strongly about becoming a registered eye, organ and tissue donor to return the kindness and support he received throughout his life. Now, his family members advocate for others to join the donor registry.

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A Tough Choice, a Priceless Gift

When her brother, Carlton Simpson, passed away unexpectedly in July 2009, Bonnie Evans and her family were surprised to learn that he had wanted to be an eye, organ and tissue donor. Knowing that her brother’s generous gift gave someone else a second chance at sight helped her family cope with their grief. Bonnie and her family have nobecome registered donors themselves, and encourage others to discuss their wishes with their loved ones.

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An Important Conversation

Stacey Blundell was only 17 years old when she lost her life in a car accident on Dec. 22, 2001. Her family made the difficult decision to donate her tissue that night, and experienced the other side of organ donation days later, when a relative received a life-saving kidney transplant

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