Funeral Home receives Shared Vision Award

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. – Eversight Michigan proudly presented Erickson-Rochon and Nash Funeral Home with a Shared Vision Award.

This award, created in 2009, recognizes individuals, groups and organizations that have shown extraordinary support of Eversight’s mission to restore sight through corneal transplantation, research, partnership and education.

“This award honors Erickson-Rochon and Nash Funeral Home for their partnership in providing the gift of sight,” said Robb Chabie, Professional Relations Liaison at Eversight Michigan.

Staff and partners at the Funeral Home have a longstanding partnership with Eversight Michigan and are always willing to adapt their own practices to respect someone’s wish to donate and give someone else the gift of sight.

“They have made it standard practice to allow recoveries to take place at their facility and have contacted Eversight on behalf of families who wish to donate their loved one’s corneas to ensure those wishes are fulfilled,” Chabie said.