Eversight Michigan Ambassadors recognized with Shared Vision Award

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Eversight Michigan proudly presented Shared Vision awards to Fran and Tammie Grabowski at our Summer Celebration at Fifth Third Ballpark on July 24.

This award, created in 2009, recognizes individuals, groups and organizations that have shown extraordinary support of Eversight’s mission to restore sight through corneal transplantation, research, partnership and education. Both Fran and Tammie embody that support.

Fran, a cornea recipient, and his wife are both active Eversight Ambassadors and proud members of the Paw Paw Lions Club – Fran currently serves as President, and Tammie was recently appointed Membership Chair of the Club.

Operating under the motto “Have eyes, will travel,” the Grabowskis are always eager to share their story and spread awareness of the need for eye, organ and tissue donors across Michigan. Fran has spoken at several of Eversight’s largest events, sharing his story with donor family members, Eversight supporters and the general public, and is the newest member of the Eversight Lion and Lioness Advisory Council.

“I like to think of them as our Ambassador power couple,” said Alex Teska, Community Relations Liaison at Eversight Michigan. “Together, they take on whatever challenge we present them with.”

Fran and Tammie have taken to heart not just their embrace of the gift of sight, but of Eversight Michigan, as well. From the first time they toured our office – where Fran treated our Communications and Logistics Center as “sacred ground,” where amazing things happen – Fran and Tammie have shared a close bond with Eversight’s staff and mission. They even surprised the staff with a surprise “Eye Heart You” cake to celebrate our name change this March.

“We are so lucky to have these two as members of the Eversight Michigan family, and I am honored to present them both with this award,” Teska said.